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Accelerate your global market entry and growth

By delivering trusted advice and tangible results, Eliasan Consulting strives to empower clients to achieve agile global market entry and development.

Take Your Product to an Overseas Market
Ready to spread your wings?

Eliasan Consulting is home to an award-winning team of specialists who know what it takes to penetrate continental borders and bring great products to new markets - from the USA to the tip of Africa and beyond. We partner with companies like yours worldwide to expand international exports, which we know can be a challenging undertaking alone.

Many of our partners find it difficult to navigate new markets, not to mention cultural and language barriers, market trends, and more. With the support of our management consulting services, you’ll gain the personalized guidance you need to achieve your goals. We guarantee uncompromised personal attention that puts you first.

Consider us an extension of your team, pulling all the strings to help you make informed decisions and thoughtful strategic alliances. We want to help you achieve sustainable business growth on a global scale, targeting your ideal international audience to foster sustainable exports and business revenue growth.

Brand Manifesto

Eliasan Consulting is changing the way businesses enter markets with strategic, smart and sustainable solutions. We believe in the global opportunities that effective market promotion presents, and we have the tools and expertise to open that world up to our clients.

As an innovative company committed to our clients’ sustained growth, we aren’t simply on the sidelines cheering; we engage fully by injecting passion, sharing time-tested solutions knowledge and ensuring ongoing support. We take great pride in the authentic interactions we have with each of our clients and the customized solutions we offer them. Together, we will work with you to achieve your goals while allowing our company’s values to lead us forward.

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