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Improve Networking Skills with B2B Matchmaking Services
June 7, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Image of a meeting from business-to-business matchmaking services.

When you’re looking to expand internationally, networking events become a regular part of your workflow––even if you haven’t considered B2B matchmaking services. Finding local businesses in the regions and countries where you’re looking to expand is essential to the success of your international growth. By working with companies who already understand the market, you’re able to avoid pitfalls, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and get the critical resources you need to expand.

The quality of leads you get from industry networking events can be frustrating. Instead, work with a consulting firm for B2B matchmaking services and get more value for your time and better quality leads.

Business-to-business matchmaking services create optimal connections.

Even if you’ve attended dozens of networking events in your industry, you may not be familiar with business-to-business matchmaking services. Consultants who provide these services specialize in specific sectors and regions. First, they evaluate clients based on what they want and what they can offer to potential partners. Then, they set up meetings between clients they believe have a promising future founded on a beneficial relationship.

At Eliasan Consulting, we work globally in the agricultural and food and beverage industries. Informed by years of experience in international market development tactics, we not only help clients develop their growth strategies but provide networking opportunities to actualize them.

By performing meticulous onboarding, we can offer high-value networking resources.

Companies don’t look at themselves as an international resource for expanding business. An experienced B2B matchmaker looks at every one of their clients as a potential resource within their network while evaluating their needs. At open networking events, it’s up to you to exhaust your valuable time just meeting new contacts and trying to discover if they’re a match for your needs.

Networking should provide maximum benefits with minimal time and effort, which is why B2B matchmaking services are essential for global expansion. Overcome the speed bumps and downfalls of traditional networking and get the support you need for your company’s growth.

Empowered by our research, you get more from networking meetings.

There are a good deal of logistics involved in meeting and evaluating potential trade partners, particularly when you’re working across language barriers. When those meetings fail to generate productive outcomes, it’s common to experience burnout and miss future opportunities for growth.

At Eliasan Consulting, our proprietary list of well-established, verified trade contacts generate networking meetings with high-value outcomes instead of dead ends. As a result, our clients receive insight into the best potential partners for their business, goals, and industry.

We offer guidance and insight along with actionable connections.

B2B matchmaking services are just one aspect of the consulting services we provide at Eliasan Consulting. We incorporate trade partners from our network into a customized market entry strategy or market development tactics for clients. We work with businesses in the agricultural and food and beverage industries to expand their brands worldwide.

Enter the international market with confidence by working with optimal trade partners as part of in-depth analysis and strategy developed by experienced global market consultants.

Grow your global network with B2B matchmaking services from Eliasan Consulting.

We have almost a decade of experience in global networking and market entry that we devote to helping our clients expand into international markets. By improving your networking skills and finding local businesses to work with, you build your growing business from a foundation of global talent, experience, and resources.

Schedule an appointment for B2B matchmaking services with the experienced Eliasan Consulting team and start growing your global business with confidence.